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Daytona 675r 2014 Headlights no working at night

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Hey everyone, recently got Daytona Triumph 675r 2014. One night i decided to take it out but realized the headlights never turned on. Running light runs fine during the day and at night. I replaced the bulb thinking it was it, but at night it does not still turn on. I replaced fuses, check the wiring i could find and made sure connections were in tact. HighBeam work fine, all other lights work fine. Dashboard lights all light up, nothing else seems to be wrong other then lights no turning on at night. This bike is supposed to have a automatic sensor to tell the lights to turn on, maybe that's busted? Thanks in advance!
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Your low beam is out.

Take the bulb out and check the bulb with a meter. If it's not the bulb check the wiring harness that the bulb plugs into for power.
The starter relay has a built in switch that cuts off power to the low beams when the start button is pushed to reduce the load on the battery when the starter is cranking. Could be a fault in the relay, might try swapping in another one to rule this out.
Don't think this is an adequate explanation to why a headlight wouldn't be coming on.

Your low beam is out. Figure out if it's the bulb and then move forward from there.

Also there is no "light sensor" the low beam should always be on. Are you saying the low beam has not been on ever? Cause if so that points even more to the bulb just being burned out
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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