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Got around to installing the Zard Short silencer for the 2013+ Street Triple. I have a 2016 model, and the install took less than 30mins.

I went back and forth between the Zard and the HP Corse Evoextreme due to how these systems flow with the body lines and belly pan/heat shields.

It does take a month for the exhaust to arrive from time of order, which I used Bellissimoto.

I haven't made any sound clips yet, however, without the supplied decibel killer, it is extremely loud. With the decibel killer in, the sound is perfect imo.

I'm coming from the arrow slip on to the Zard, and the Arrow without the baffle is nice no doubt, you can hear the induction sound and its just a good overall combination.

Now, with the Zard, its perfect in terms of sound and fitment, as well as I think it looks awesome.

I am still running the arrow map/tune, and it is a little pissed in first gear under 4k rpm when taking off slowly, but everywhere else in the powerband its fine in terms of what I can feel.

I have a dynojet PCV so the fueling will get sorted out here soon.

Overall, i'm very pleased with the purchase from Zard! I haven't seen many images or videos with people running this slip on.

I'm working on getting some videos in the next few days. Not just idle/revs. This exhaust deserves a good fly by and on board video with pure exhaust sounds (no talking, no music).

Pics below!



During install (DB killer removed)

Arrow slip on removed (exposing UKRS linear linkage)

Arrow slip on VS Zard Short silencer slip on (both for 2013+ 675 Street triple)

Zard supplied DB killer
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