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Yoshimura RS-5 Dyno Run

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I have found limited information on the Yoshimura RS-5 performance on a D675 so I had to test it out. The can looks a little funky and loses that "triple" effect but it sounds great and the weight savings is pretty good. I have had my bike tuned using a PCIII and a Dynojet Tuning Center - Dal Kawa Cycle Center ( out of Hendersonville, NC. Warren was awesome and spent a lot of time with me explaining each phase of the tuning. Man - what a difference in the way the bike performs. I gained a couple of HP but the overall response from the bike is much smoother which inspires a lot more confidence on the track.

Bike has a Yoshimura RS-5 Slip-On, BMC Street Filter, PCIII, and O2 Eliminator. Pre-Tune and Post-Tune Dyno Shots for you to judge the mods value.



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Nice. I run the RS-5 too. I have to disagree with what we've both heard about the looks and sound however. The RS-5 gets a bad rap because it is "yoshimura" and people with triumphs typically go with euro, australian,etc brands.
I like the slim profile and the sound is great IMO......especially at 14000!

What did you do for fuel management? If you have a PCIII i will be glad to send you the custom map i had built from the dyno runs.

I fall into that group that thinks running a yosh pipe on a trumpet is blasphemy, but if I ride it and it works I might become a convert.
who cares what other people think as long as you're happy with it.:itsok:
does anyone know of a tuneboy map for the yoshi?
does anyone know of a tuneboy map for the yoshi?
The OP has the custom PCIII map for his bike. Tuneboy will let you overlay PCIII maps onto stock tunes, so maybe you guys should get together and hammer out the details :)

who is the OP?
Got AFR maps at all? That's the most important part of the runs.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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