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WTF is goin'on?

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Since I was member of this forum I try to invite a bunch of assholes brazilian owners of 675 to sign up as members and have a place to discuss all our issues.
Unfortunatelly I cannot achieve my goal so I ask: what the fuck is goin on with these guys?
I don't know another forum like this one to talk about Triumphs in that special way, so this behaviour seems a bit idiot to me.
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ShnikeJSB said:
No. See, we DO NOT make fun of foreigners who don't speak English as a first language... That's just not right.

But, we DO make fun of people from the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and other places where English is their FIRST language, and sound like retards as they go about butchering it in the worst sense of the word.

See the difference? :wink:
I don't think I'd ever make fun of anyone that's not a primary english speaker. It's the 'OMG HAXX0R PWNED LOLLZZ INTARWEBZ" kind that catch my goat..

"ight?" ;)
ofcounsel said:
williams155 said:
ofcounsel said:
ShnikeJSB said:
Oh GEEZ dude, that was from JANUARY 2006!!! Stop livin' in the past man... :lol:
I'm old.... so living in the past for me is the 1950's... not last year :lol:
Geriatric Ofcounsel...
Yep, serving the role of crotchety website historian...keeping us all honest
You tell them Ofcounsel.. :twisted:

ps: I read the other thread.. I actually cringed.. hehe..
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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