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Right, a bit of an introduction;

First and foremost I’m a rider who loves the Triumph 675.I own one of the first 675’s on British roads, and ride her both on the road and track.

As well as a biker I am a photographer and combine my two loves by spending as much time on and around the UK’s race circuits, big and small.

Some of you may know I’ve been working with 675 racer Ross Walter for the last two years, initially providing photographs when he was racing at MRO and then taking on the teams media reports at British level. I am also involved with the Triumph triple challenge. So 675’s and racing are well and truly under my skin.

This coming season I will again be working with Ross and Interserve Racing and will be attending British Super bike rounds. And where event timing allows I will also be at Bemsee/MRO rounds for the Triumph Triple Challenge.

With my love of the 675 and racing in mind I approached the guys of with an idea for a racing news section of the site to both promote the 675 as a tool and give the public (you :smile:) a definitive resource for finding out what’s going on.

If you are a race team riding 675's or an individual who feels you have something to add to this forum please do not hesitate in sending me a PM. I’m hoping to have a triumph e-mail address in due course, but for now PM’s please.

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