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white smoke out exhaust

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Hey guys so there’s an issue with my 2006 daytona. i have been riding with a pcv on my bike for a couple of months and tuning it around as i just kept on riding to see what it would be ,and one day i did a fly by my friend and he said i was smoking like a train, white smoke. so first thought would be was running rich well i tuned it and nothing different so i took the tuner off and assumed the issue was fixed i didn’t ride hard after that or didn’t ride with anyone since. but yesterday at a stop light a kid asked me to rev it so i did. ofc and then a big cloud of smoke came out i could see the shadow of it on the ground not so sure the color of it as i didn’t see the cloud it’s self just the shadow. so i got it home and then started it and revved it and thin white smoke on little revs on higher revs it is thicker and more white smoke i have a video of it i will post too. there is also little black specks that come out of my exhaust at idle i would think it’s oil but my oil level is fine it’s perfectly in the middle of my dip stick. i checked coolant level and it was slightly low it was on the min setting so i out some more in there and i will monitor that but what’s the issue or any suggestions on the issue. i looked it up and it says head gasket but i haven’t been over heating or anything. i do think there’s a bit of power loss but that could be just from the tuner being off i’m not sure. the idle is high and seems/sounds healthy. im just at a complete loss of thought and have not a clue what it could be, please help
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Almost certainly a failure to keep coolant out of the combustion chamber. Head gasket is the most likely culprit.
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