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Thinking about doing a whistle ride..... To help break in someone's new bike.... Hopefully he can make it!

Yes, only bikes that can whistle are allowed!

(Anyone is welcome as long as they whistle in their helmets the entire ride.)

Where: CycleGear Manchester.

When: Meet at 10:30AM, kickstands up by 10:45PM.

Who: Anyone. Beginner and 2 up friendly, no one is left behind. Paced like you would in a cage, it's to get out, not get squished so nothing crazy.

Dress code: Helmet, jacket, gloves, jeans, minimum.

For everyone: This is a ride it as you'd drive it ride. No cage passing, no squid antics. NOOBs are encouraged to come out and meet people rather then just lurking the forums. For the experienced guys, 2-up friendly. No one left behind, ride your own pace! For everyone read this-

Weather: If it's raining at 8am in Manchester I'll post up the ride is canceled.

End: Coreys Catsup and Mustard... Although I really want Prime16 but will let it play out and see what kind of route I can come up with for that.
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