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Where do these harness retention brackets go?!

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Hey all,

I don't think I'm replicating a pre-existing thread, but if I am, I apologise and a link to the original would be much appreciated!

Anyway, during the winter of The Great Pandemic I decided to strip my Striple to give it a bit of a tart up, as age and careless previous owners were pretty visible in the state of the paintwork. Feeling confident with my Service Manual and Fowlers' exploded diagrams, I got cracking, assuming I'd have it back together in a few months so I should remember where everything goes...
...Fast forward nearly 18 months and she's almost back together... Apart from these. Really, really, really wish I'd taken more photos during the disassembly stage, but hey, note for next time: assume the worst.

Scouring the internet has given a possible location for the middle bracket (Bracket, Harness Retention); just behind the breather cover, into the relatively centrally placed hole. I'm thinking the plastic bracket on the right (Harness Retention Moulding) might also be there, as I sort of remember it, but I'm definitely not confident on that.
As for the one on the left, haven't the foggiest. Triumph's description of "Bracket, Front Harness Clamp" is about as much use as a marzipan dildo, and asking Facebook fan groups has elicited responses such as, "I think they bolt on to the frame and hold the harness in place", which, whilst I appreciate the effort, does not help me any more than the name of the part itself.

So, I'm hoping that some of you more practical-minded people may be able to help; ideally with a photo of where they go, or just a very, very thorough description...

Then, hopefully, I can put up pictures of the complete project in the near future!

Thanks in advance!

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