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Hello all, I don't know which to get for my street and my Dads xr1200? I've got 2 bikes in the garage and to free up space I want to get 2 wheel chocks, i'm just not sure they are worth the price, so I've been thinking a rear stand would suffice or a center stand?>
if I got 2 chocks I could use them in the garage or one mounted in my truck and that would be perfect, knowing that the bikes are solid without worry of them tipping over and taking up less space, makes it alot easier to get around in the garage. I really like the Condor 1500, a titan or the baxley sportchock, does anyone have any experience with these? I want maximum stability, and ease of use.
As for a rear stand I would probably have to be a bit more careful while lifting the bike up when I'm alone, but it would be good for general maintenence and for the winter it would be great. I think a center stand has both qualities, but at the price it is identical to either a chock or a rear stand, but it'll only work on this bike so if I got rid of the bike it wouldn't help me at all... WHAT A QUANDARY
What should I get? Thoughts and suggestions please.
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