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What do YOU need?

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We’re always posting product reviews on for you to look at – now it’s time for you to tell us what YOU need. Post up right here, call, email or PM us for anything you need: a single item or a complete shopping list. Just let TJ know: 866.931.6644 ext 817 or FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we'll see what we can do :thumbup:
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I totally forgot Pro Bolt in the UK, boo.

RS-1 Helmets!

Thanks for the message, did my wife finally get your number? She is trying to bring down my spending from the inside!
Remind me on your next order and I will get you an RD t-shirt.

How do I NOT have an RD T-shirt. I am naked without one. I have to order something now. I also don't think you have seen a picture with the RD stickers on my track plastics, I look professional now.

So yeah +1 to RD gear.
Yeah I would buy a tshirt from TJ, I have spent I think over a couple grand with him...and paid like 2 dollars for everything (obvious exaggeration). Pretty sure I owe him my kidneys.
I will need a lot very soon. List is building rapidly and will be sent your way in the near future! Hope you had a great holiday TJ!
Tom! What monster are you building! ?
For this whole saftey wire bolt business, I wish I had a nice drill press setup and a line on all the stainless bolts at a decent price. I'd buy in bulk and just spend a few hours drilling them all.
Hero 2! Even though I already know the answer hehe.

And TJ, you are the man, got the package on Friday, YOU ARE AWESOME!

I know we discussed this in chat, but do you offer DRC's?
I am thinking I may need to do a brake fluid flush. The fluid is still looks new but its been a couple years and I know that is bad.

Can you give me some prices on on DOT4 you carry?

Thanks TJ!
520 chain and sprockets and hell while I'm at it the light tech chain adjusters. It may have to wait till I get back from deployment but at least I'll know how much more of my paycheck to forward to you ;biggrinjester;
Get the adjusters! It's such a nice way to adjust the chain. And thank you for your service!
If anyone wants Handroids, get the Teknic Xcelerator Gloves, they have the Knox protection on them and are more comfortable, and made better IMO.

I have had 2 sets of Handroids and I think these gloves are all around better. And TJ sells them :thumbup:
I need a helmet to fit my intermediate oval head lol. Something cheap and safe? Good air venting. Just street riding.

I got 2 kids nowadays.
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