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What do YOU need?

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We’re always posting product reviews on for you to look at – now it’s time for you to tell us what YOU need. Post up right here, call, email or PM us for anything you need: a single item or a complete shopping list. Just let TJ know: 866.931.6644 ext 817 or FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we'll see what we can do :thumbup:
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1. I need one of those center black caps for my LSL Frame slider

2. bolt for my license plate bracket holder and the little clear round tube that goes around it.

3. Bolt for my attack rearsets to hold on my rear brake mastercylinder

Longer shift rod for GP shift setup on my 12" 675R. Stainless steel male to male ends. I guess around 185mm (7.50")
Regular shift pattern setup

Reverse/GP shift set up

yes I know its not connected, but thats where my shifter would normally be.

Let me know what you can get and/or where can I look locally for it.
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I need riding boots and a new jacket, the jacket I am going to hold off on for now since Im stuck.

I wear a Joe rocket hybrid Jackey (1/2 leather 1/2mesh) texas heat is too hot for full leather but on cold rainy days it would be nice to have one. I need to do so research on whats out there before I pull the trigger on a new one.

Boots are 11.5 US SIDIS looking for something similar for both track and street use.

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Do you sell Tank Sliders for '12 675R?
Sorry about that. Thanks for the reply. I will look intoit
Yep we do not have tank sliders. We used the Bickle Racing sliders on our own race bikes and they held up very well. They are also the same sliders that Disalvo's team used in 13/14.
Cool, do I order then through RD or through them?

Looking for a Hydration pack for my Ogio Mach 5 Backpack shipped to 77057

And yes I called lol
New Helmets

female Large and Male XL

Female: Blue and or black ( to match her 09 ZX6R)
Male: something that matches 675R (Black, White, Red, Carbon Fiber any combo)
we both like solid colors, simple designs.

Price Range:
$300 - $600

Head shape
Female - Semi oval
Male - Oval

Previous lids
Male - HJC RPC10 (too much pressure on forehead), Bell Star Carbon Union (need more view up to when semi tucked, need more racier cut)
Female - Speed & Strenght SS1000 (need more of a race cut helmet hard to full tuck with lid)

Options we like:
SNELL & DOT/ECE (big Must have)
Mirror Faceshield option
Faceshield baggy/carrying case
air vents for TX 100 degree weeks
Chin Curtains
Good Warranty

Is that enough detail or am I leaving something off?
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2012 Triumph Daytona 675R most street bike with canyons weekends and 2 tracksdays a year if that.

I need:
Front brake pads and Rotors (slightly upgraded with more bite)
Rear pads and rotors
Front and Rear Sprocket with chain
Chain tool

My problem is I just got my bike dyno tuned and she is make more power and I noticed my front brakes have less bite to them BUT my pads are low and need to be swapped out. I am not sure if it's because I am making more power or because the pads are that low that I have less brake resistance. To be safe I want upgraded my pads on it I need to. If the stock Brembo pads are good enough I'll keep them. My front rotors are warped that's why I am changing those and If I am doing the front I might as well do the rear.

Ooh price on wheel bearings as well for front and rear.

2nd issues don't know anything about chains. I want to stick with stock to get another 30,000miles out of them but I am open to other kits. I am assuming the 520 chain conversion is more narrow and lighter. There are also lighter sprockets as well. Just give a list of my options, pros, cons, how long they last mileage wise and pricing
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