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What do YOU need?

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We’re always posting product reviews on for you to look at – now it’s time for you to tell us what YOU need. Post up right here, call, email or PM us for anything you need: a single item or a complete shopping list. Just let TJ know: 866.931.6644 ext 817 or FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we'll see what we can do :thumbup:
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I've been looking into doing a 520 chain conversion with a Renthal rear sprocket. I have a phantom black striple with gold wheels, so wanted to keep the black/gold theme. Easy enough....Gold DID chain and black renthal sprocket, right? I was sad to find out that you guys only stock the titanium renthal sprockets, but renthal does make black anodized ones as well. Any chance we can make this happen?
I spoke to my guys at Renthal. They only offer the 675 in the traditional hard anodizing (titanium color) that we currently sell. The off-road rear sprockets are available in black, however these are not hard anodized.
I would be interested in a nice gold chain, black sprockets combo too. I would like to buy a package deal and get really good quality stuff..
The best sprockets available will be Renthal however they will only be available in the titanium color. As far as chain you can't get better than the DID ERV3 right now.
What can you get for soft compound tires?
We do not do anything with race rubber however we can get most street tires.

The reason we do not do anything with race rubber is that the tires can be very age/date code specific. A soft tire made in the 23 week of the year may not be the same compound or construction has one that was made 15 weeks later. The trackside vendors will have a better grasp on what is available and it also gives you the chance to make sure you are getting the newest and best tires for your track and what temps you are riding in.
I think we need a Riders Discount St3R project bike!
I like the sound of this :biggrinjester:
I do not currently stock Dainese however we have a VERY good selection of Alpinestars if you are interested.
Pro-Bolt all comes out of the UK and by the time we pay to ship it to us the pricing will be the same to you. Basically I can get them for you, but there won't be any discount.

Have you tried on the new GP Pro or Tech 1R jackets? Very good stuff.
Do you guys carry the arrow gp shift rearsets? lots of people have the standard shift but I'm trying to find a vendor in the USA that carries the race shift pattern at a decent price. I'm also looking into getting the quick shifter for the arrow race shift pattern as well. I believe that is a different unit then the ones fitted to the standard shift arrow rearsets. I know there are cheaper options, but I really like the look of the arrow components.
Arrow is only available from the Triumph dealers in the states. That said, if you plan on going on track with the rearsets you might want to look at other options. Spare parts are not available which is the reason we took Arrow rearsets off our project bike and swapped them for Attack. The other nice thing about Attack is that you don't have to get a new Quick Shifter sensor because the way they actuate the shift rod.
i would definitely like to see some Riders Discount/Triumph675 gear. something like a cool trackday shirt to wear on the paddock or something i can rock out in town on a Sunday afternoon
Remind me on your next order and I will get you an RD t-shirt.
Quick turn throttle options. A teamate has the motion pro for his cbr, but I dont think they make it for the 675. In a quick search I think the only one is the yoyodyne but not sure. Also keep meaning to send you a message about pricing on the chain adjusters from Gilles and Lighttech to Calgary, Alberta, but keep forgetting. :whistle: oops, I guess please PM me?

Yoyodyne's is the only thing we have available right now. The cable end on the injector side needs a 30 degree angle built into the mount to clear the air box. It does not have it yet (but Fred said he was working on it).
We have the Ballistic 8 cell. If you have a pre-2009 you will need to use a low profile bolt as the batter is taller than stock.

Also did it just "die", and if it did are you sure the R/R has not gone out?
my current shopping list:

GSG frame sliders
rear stand spools
GPR V4 steering damper (or similar)
Pazzo brake lever (short, black with gold adjuster)
tech spec tank pads

Let me know if i'm barking up the wrong tree, not sure if RD has all that
As far as frame sliders I would recommend GB or LSL

Spools from either GB, Woodcraft, Fastbikes, or STM

GPR we have but also look at Scott's

We have CRG and Synto levers

Tech Specs we also have
Let me know on your next order and I will see what we have left.
Do you carry the new Pit Bull "Thumb Adjusters"?
Nothing in stock right now however I have a Pit Bull order that is due in at the end of the month.
Me too! Who qualifies to get one of these?! Almost everything on my bike came from TJ @ RD!!! I don't even want to think how much I spent @ RD!!!:willy_nilly:

Although I'm patiently waiting for my slipper clutch to arrive on Tuesday...:whistle: can you invoice me for the LighTech Chain Adjusters in black?

I have about 25 shirts left right now. As you place new orders (Over $200) mention the T shirt and I will send one out.
What about a set of aftermarket air funnels (Bell mounts) for 06-08 Models?

Triumph Race Kit Parts is ridiculously expensive :)
Hit up JD Hord. He has the only funnels outside of the race kit that I am aware of.

do you have the LSL front sprocket cover?
We do have (1) available that we were going to photo and install on our project bike. If it works as it should we will order more and put them up for sale.
Does my Yoyodyne Slipper Clutch qualify since I ordered it last week and should be at my door this coming up Tuesday?
Orders from this point forward. Your chain adjusters will do the trick though :thumbup:
Yeah I would buy a tshirt from TJ, I have spent I think over a couple grand with him...and paid like 2 dollars for everything (obvious exaggeration). Pretty sure I owe him my kidneys.
Only one of the kidneys :biggrinjester:
hahahahahaha, I was thinking exactly that, Pete!

damn, I was just about to ask if my full Akra from last week would qualify. Just an excuse to have my paychecks direct deposited to you, TJ
I am sure there is something that you still need :whistle:
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