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Video of my fingerprint Ignition

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All locks and the ignition mounting in the triple tree were ruined by thieves, so I've decided to try something different. Here is a video I made of how I think the keyless ignition is going to go together.

I just posted in the electrical section for a bit of advice about the system here, if anyone is able to contribute.

The kill and start switches are going to have normal operation, except the start relay circuit is also able to be activated by the timer device. I could have the start circuit activate the moment ignition is activated, but I prefer the delay. I can also lock out the start action by turning off the clutch bypass switch, see attached photo.

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The reader is able to be activated by any paired MiFare card (like your uni printer card or public transport card etc), but also fingerprint, keycode, and it can also activate when the bluetooth paired phone is within a metre or two, so the bike could automatically turn on as you walk up to it.
There's some residual power draw when the system is off so I've installed an isolation switch to cut power to everything when I'm parking for a couple days, just reroute the two brown wires from the start solenoid and install an extra 30amp fuse coming off the battery, pic below. I've also moved the R/R.

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If people are interested I can do a write up of how to do it if I get it working. Total parts cost so far is under $200USD, but my ignition and battery tray were already heavily damaged/paintwork scratched to shit by thieves, hence the extra paint and gaping hole where the seat key used to go lol. I'm not sure I'd go to this effort if the bike were OEM standard.
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