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Hello all, I am posting 10 minutes after the incident occurred and I have not had time to start looking into the issue as I am currently at work. I have a 2014 Triumph Street Triple R

I was on my way to work this morning and I noticed that my right turn signal was left on while I was sitting at a light. No big deal I thought I forgot to turn it off. I then crossed through the light to merge onto the highway and used my signal again to merge but it would not turn on.

I checked my horn as well as both signals while I was on the highway and neither of them worked.

I also noticed that my R&G heated grips had powered off (they were turned on level 5/5 when I started the bike about 5 minutes prior to noticing the issue) and did not turn back on. I have them wired directly into the bike, it is spliced into the bike's main harness back into the taillight.

When I got to work I put the bike into neutral with it still on to try again, signals, horn, and grips still did not work/turn on. I turned the bike back off and on again, same thing.

I even checked my high beams thinking it could be the left controls, they still work just fine with the left control switch.

*side note, I did just replaced the battery literally 7 days prior.

I am looking for where to start and possible issues to troubleshoot to figure it out. (obviously I am hoping it is a simple as a fuse but am well aware of how in depth the issue could be)
Did you ever figure out the solution. I purchased a 2012 and having the same issue. I’m thinking there is a connection/wiring issue, but not 100% sure. My fuses are good.
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