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Tuning questions & Mapping for Arrow exhaust, disabled EXUP/Air flap, and decat?

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Been searching all over but unable to find the answer I need for remapping my 2012 with Arrow slip on.

It has the 20594 (Arrow) map for VINS 381275 to 564947. Tonight I just disabled the EXUP and Air flap via TuneECU without any issues. I'm still on the same map and did not physically remove anything. I've read that the valves default to staying open when disabled and that's good enough for me.

I've read that it's possible to lose some bottom-end torque doing this, however, I didn't notice anything just yet except it hesitated off the line one time and then didn't do it again after.

I intend to gut the cat soon and wanted to know if there is an existing tune for this that I can use.

To summarize, I would like to know if there's an existing map for an Arrow slip-on with disabled EXUP/Air Flap and gutted cat.

Also, will there be any side effects of me having a gutted cat but keeping the same tune I have now?

Is it true that a Power Commander is needed to get a custom tune or dyno tune?

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You can likely just use the map for the full Arrow system and be close

No, you do not need a PowerCommander. TuneECU can handle all your tuning needs. Any competent dyno tuner should be able to use it or have their own software
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