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Triumph Bennington Bash Comment

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I attended the Bennington Bash for Triumph this weekend. They say they hope to get Triumph to participate. That's great.

The entire thing was great, good people, good rides, good dinner.

However, I have a concern, the gentleman who did all the announcing at dinner, at the rides, one of the leaders, participated in the sport bike ride.

At the dinner they congratulated the guy with the "longest wheely" (ok stunts done safely are fun), but then the announcer said he had the fastest wheely, claiming popping it up at 147mph. This he said in front of a 100 people. I don't know anywhere that's legal or even remotely safe except a track.

Am I missing something?, shouldn't we all be saying, "Good luck getting Triumph sponsorship with that behavior"? :fullauto::gangster:

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Triumph is pretty cheap with their $$$ and I doubt they would give a dime anyway...Case in point is the almost total lack of factory participation with the RAT program compared to 5 years ago.

Plus this is on their web site:

For all lawyers whom it may concern: This event is free. It is an informal get-together of friends and like-minded souls; Triumph Motorcycles (America) Ltd is not involved in this event in any way. All people attending should already understand the risks inherent to motorcycling, and they must be willing to accept those risks and will be required to sign a liability release indicating their agreement. The organizers of this event are not liable for any accidents that may (but hopefully won’t) occur.
I hear you and I think the $$$ issue is a reflection of the economy. I recently read an artical on the big decline in all motorcycle companies. Also, from my brief experience on the internet with motorcycle association web sites, there's a lot of driving abuse out there (duh). In my opinion, motorcycle manufacturers realize this, can't control it, and unless it's an event they put together which they control, are just using common sense not to get involved in rider associations directly. Again that's just some opinion, I'm sure there is a wide degree of view points on this too.

I just offer this feedback because I believe any organized event will have a better chance of attracting manufacturer participation if they didn't support or glamorize seriously illegal activities even if conducted in the most remote, best of all condition, situations. I'm no saint, but I do have a bit of common sense.

Live and learn. I hope this is taken as a call to mature a little (yeah right, good luck with that one). Let's have a little reality check here though for all you dare devils. Sure we all love the imagery of high speed motorcycling, freedom!, until the road shaves your skin off down to the bone. 147mph? never seen it, probably never will.
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147mph? never seen it, probably never will.
Then you don't know what you're missing :biggrinjester:
Originally Posted by Undermoose [ame=""]
147mph? never seen it, probably never will.

6th gear on a 675, 5th gear on any 1000 and then you click into 6th. Not promoting stupid top speed shit, but I've top ended every bike I ever owned ( hundreds of times when I owned my 02 GSXR-1k), even my Honda St1300 a few times-145ish indicated.
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Ah woops, cleaned out my photobucket pics tonight.. bike's been changed a bit. Need to fix my links after new pics...

Yes I realize my bike can do that, and if I ever take it to a track I will be doing it, with the right protective gear. I'd like to try it once, yep I am missing that thrill. Dirt bikes, to road bikes, to cars, never went over 110...

Hey I get it and I like to push the envelop a little, approve of speed in the right spot, so if you're in the middle of a desolate stretch of road where you can see for miles and nobody is in your path, and you're needing to push the limit, do what you need to do.

But if your heading up an event, perhaps next time they might say, "I got the fastest wheely" and leave it at that.

Sorry I offended you, I have lead the event for the past four years and we have had a lot of fun. Yes the sport bike ride is faster and we do pull up a few wheelies.

and yes a lot of the things we all do are illegal including doing 110mph on your car.

I will most likely not be attending the event or participating again, even though i am one of the founders.

thank you for your concern. and have a great day! Ride safe.

Ton Up
Bennington Bash
anyone going up there from nyc for june 2012?

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