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TRIUMPH and LATUS racing

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I hope the AMA Sportbike rules keep the top speeds somewhat on par. I guess we'll see at speed tracks like Miller and Daytona in 2012.
That is my biggest concern also. The 675 struggles on top end/speed. I am curious to see how Jason's bike does.
Theres a few tracks technical enough to give the 675 a chance, but overall no.
Jason VS the world....hmmm

First off, I'm glad Triumph is in AMA racing. Great watching Dustin Dominquez putting down some decent results in Supersport. Second, I'm not a Disalvo fan. The guy comes off as a whiner to me. Last, he brought money to the Latus Team and the reason why Latus hired him over Steve Rapp last year. I'm bitter over that.

I'm curious why his times vs Dominquez's times at NJ were less than a second off on both races. Was the Ducati that much better of a bike?

I hope Disalvo has a good year. Would hate to see him throw another temper tantrum. Remember the whole Danny Eslick/Buell scenario? As a Triumph owner, I'd like to see someone more "polished" representing the bike.
Unfortunately, the 675 is an underdog in this class now. Not in handling, just in the motor department. This horse has been flogged many times here on this board. We all love the bike, but most can admit that there isn't much left to do to the stock motor making it both powerful and reliable enough to compete head to head in that class.

As for Disalvo, I like what he has brought to the DSB class. Loved watching him flog the 848, loved watching him out corner everyone on the 675.

Now with the new MV Agusta on the horizon, I don't know. It will be interesting to see if any team takes the MV and competes in DSB.

How is this new linkage assembly DSB legal?

I thought that most of the external items (tripples, forks, swingarm, etc) needed to be stock?

Maybe AMA is giving them some wiggle room to allow a new manufacturer in the game?
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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