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TRIUMPH and LATUS racing

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well as the season has unfolded thay did not switch to a triumph, desalvo hs riddin a duc all season
Huh? They have indeed been running the Triumph in Supersport with Dominguez putting in some impressive showings.

The testing being done on trackdays this weekend and next week is with Disalvo on the bike. Though I'm not sure if he is testing it to work out kinks on the supersport bike, or if there is a potential for a DSB future. Disalvo did ride the Triumph in World Supersport so he would a good one to have around.

I suppose I can just ask him at PIR on Monday.
Gotcha. Like I said, his experience with Triumph before sure has to help the team out loads. Looking forward to seeing him work up close and personal.
From guys who were riding at the track with him this weekend at ORP. Sounds like Ducati was asked to provide some level of support and the request was denied. Triumph seemed more interested in forming a relationship for next year.
No idea other than that is what a couple of friends said who were at the track. I'm going to PIR tomorrow where they will again be attending a trackday and will ask.
Guess I should update this. They are absolutely switching to the 675R. Ducati wouldn't provide any support.
1 - 7 of 25 Posts
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