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There are a couple more Trackdaz Academy dates remaining for the year. Friday, August 22 and Saturday August 23.

If you've never been to the track before, or have been and are looking for instruction, the Trackdaz Academy has got you covered! For only $275 per person (only 40 students), Trackdaz are going to give you lessons that will help you become a safe, confident, and predictable track rider.

You'll be placed into small groups of 10 for class room instruction, and will only be on the track with 20 people at a time. We're going to give you the instruction in the classroom, and have drills on track for you to practice.

The best part about our school is all the personalized instruction, and individual feedback.

I have been going to Trackdaz track days for 4 years now and they are only one of two organizations I will go to here in California. Now they have the academy specifically tailored to aid you in going faster on the track.

As most of you know, I only endorse products and companies I feel are the best.

Here are some pics from the last Academy:

And of course a link to their webpage:
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