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Hi all,

Just wanted to give you a little notice. This sub-forum is going to be shut down over the next few weeks. I do not intend to recreate a pay for entry type area as I don't see a way to meet expectations, or to really make it different than the other sub-forums.

Having said that, I do intend to revamp the other racing sub-forums. It will include a break out of various series in which we can find the 675 racing. That should make it easier to watch for news and updates.

Thanks again for your participation early last year! You guys helped raise a far bit of $ for Paul, Ross, Mark, and A.J. :thumbsup:

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Thanks to AJ for cooridingating this, and thanks to all who put up the funds, they were greatly aprecicatied.

AJ just a heads up about 2008 Central Roadracing Association and the 675. In 2007 there 3 675's in our series, myself, and 2 new riders. for 2008 we have doubled that to 6 riders on our favorite British steed.

Mark Miller (crash13) #88
Kurt Schuske (teamfrostbite) #24
Scott Riley (expert140)
Mark Jensen
Tony Peterson
Scott Rhule

If any of you guys get up to BIR this year look me up (I'm easy to find in the paddock, and the "pints" are on me).

and again Huge thanks to those members that went above and beyond to help out the racers, and to AJ for what he was able to do.:thumbsup:
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