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Daytona 675 & 675R 2006/12 TRS Lightweight Axles

Made by us these really are the lightest axles you can buy. These are made from 7068 alloy. 7068 alloy is a very modern development. It was developed circa 2000 by Tennalum, Inc. for aerospace and military applications. 7068 has an extremely high tensile strength, and this enables it to exceed the strenght-to-weight ratio of nearly all engineering alloys. 7068 alloy is greater than twice the yield strength of most common aluminum alloys. It has 33% better strength to weight ratio than 7075 alloy (true aircraft aluminum), and 28% better performance than 6AL 4V Titanium. For many applications, there is no better alloy, not even Titanium.

Axles are ready and just waiting test reports. We had to destruction test a set which hurt the old wallet but at least we know they are stronger than the stock ones but half the weight. Both axles weigh less than an empty wine glass or about the same as a iPhone.

Scale Tool Measuring instrument Gauge Postal scale

Scale Postal scale Measuring instrument Gauge Tool

£190 a pair or £110 each. Free captive spacers with every set.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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