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Supersport Thruxton

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Glen Richards sat on pole position abroad his Embassy Racing Triumph Daytona 675 as the lights went out for the first British supersport race of 2008, at sunny Thruxton circuit.
Richards flew off the line into the lead around the fastest circuit in the UK, closely followed by Arran Walker on his CBR. 'Baywatch' Brogan and Dennis Hobbs tagged on to the group as they pulled away from the pack.

The HM plant Honda of Brogan slid past Richards to take the lead on lap two but he wasn't aloud any room to breathe as Richards fought back hard. Paul Young had followed his team-mates lead, pulling his bike up to 6th position from 12th on the grid after just two laps. The end of lap four Brogan and Richards could not be separated despite pulling a second away from third place, number 25, Hobbs.

Coming into the complex at the end of lap 6 James Webb Pushed past Dennis Hobbs. Loosing the front end Webb slid from his bike taking Hobbs with him. Both bikes and riders flew across the grass hitting the air fence at speed. Webb got up instantly but Hobbs took a hard impact into the fence and had to be stretcherd into an ambulance. The safety car was instantly deployed to slow the race while marshals cleared the wreckage. Hobbs luckily escaped with nothing more than a dislocated el-bow.

The lights went out on the safety car as they entered lap 10. The riders lined up preparing for the rolling re-start, a skill at any circuit let alone the fast paced Thruxton where a speed advantage across the line leads into the whole lap. Richards showed Brogen how it's done gliding past him into the first corner. Brogon fought back sliding past on the brakes taking the lead into the chicane. Richards wasn't taking it lying down showing Brogan a wheel on no less than three occasions in the next lap.

Paul young also gained from the restart putting his bike into third on lap 12, placing the two MAP Embassy Triumphs in the top three! Chris martin pushed hard and re-took third on his Kawasaki.
Fourth to ninth position was covered by less than half a second as the five bike swapped places as they crossed the line in a pack to start lap 14. Paul young loosing out dropping from fourth to eighth in the confusion.

Richards pushed the triumph on the brakes heading into Campbell corner, sliding up the inside of Brogan taking the lead once more. Brogan fought back into the final chicane with just three laps to go. These two moves were repeated at exactly the same positions just one lap later. The top three stuck together as they pulled out over a second on the chasing Lowery in fourth.

Entering into the last lap Richards slipped wide out of Allard loosing out to Chris Martin, to just slide past one bend later. On the fastest section of the circuit running up to the chicane Richards showed Brogan a wheel but just couldn't hold it on the brakes settling for second position. With his team mate Paul young dragging to the line to take 9th just 5 thousandths of a second behind Hutchinson in 10th place.

Race Result
1. Brogan. HM Plant Honda
2. Richards. MAP Embassy Triumph
3. Martin. Gearlink Kawasaki.
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