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There's something I really hate, and that's being really into a video game, and liking almost all parts of it, then getting hung up on one tiny, trivial, button mashing, bullshit part to finish it.

Red Dead Redemption: I was at 99.5% for days before finally beating the five finger filet on hard to unlock the last outfit scrap.

Resident Evil 5: I really liked this game, and ended up getting over 900 achievements, but to finish it required doing "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" in about 2 seconds.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: I bought it kind of late, and have been blowing through the story mode the last two weeks. I'm at the final battle with Cesare, and your character is just swamped with hordes of soldiers far stronger than you normally face in the game, and you just sit there and mash X. I've turned it off 3 times in disgust already.

/rant :angry:
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