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Street Triple won't start

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I just installed the battery (which I charged all winter) into my 2008 Street Triple but it won't start:

When I'm turning on the ignition, there's no sound from the fuel pump, and when I push the starter button, nothings happening. The instrument cluster is completely blank as if there wasn't any battery connected at all.
I connected the battery booster, but still nothing.

I checked the fuses: all are okay.
And before you ask: yes, the kill-switch is in the correct position ;-)

Then I tried the indicator&horn: works!

Any idea what's wrong?

Many thanks
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First, just because you charged the battery all winter doesn't mean it's good. In fact batteries left on a tender or charger continuously tend to die.

No power at all points at two things:

1: the main fuse - not the ones in the little fuse box, the 30 amp one at the starter solenoid.
2. the battery - you can check it using a meter but it's easier to just hook you car battery too it (this will in no way damage your bike).

Don't know the condition of your bike but I'd also make sure you have good ground (the black cable from your battery that connects to the frame).

I've helped many people with similar issue and they're often very sure their battery is fine. Still, the problem is usually the battery.
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