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Starting issues with codes P1105 P1632 P1690

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Hello all,
The bike is finally done and back together and had my first 150mile ride with it on Sunday. Love this bike. Only issue I seem to keep having is the starting. It will start when it wants to lol. I will press the button and nothing happens but if I stand up or move the bike a little it will typically start. Once running, it runs great but was having some idle issue that seem to have resolved themselves today. Meaning if I cranked it, it would idle rough (pulsing) and only if I gave it throttle then it would catch and idle well. that seems better today.
I put the code reader on it and got P1105 P1632 and P1690. I dont have a manual and was hoping someone could help. I read the 1105 may be the tip sensor? and the others may be MAP or airbox hoses?
and long awaited here's a pic of the bike :)
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Here you are...
P1105 - Manifold absolute pressure sensor pipe malfunction.
P1632 - Fall detection sensor circuit high voltage.
P1690 - Can communication fault.

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