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Starlane is an Italy based company that is more known for their highly developed GPS Style Lap timers and Digital Dashboards for many different motorsports. They have also developed a gear indicator that is a wire in and can be used on MANY motorcycles.

This unit is a very quick install and is useful when cruising around town and trying to avoid shifting into that infamous 7th gear. These are also a track day guys friend when cruising down the back straight wanting to know exactly how many downshifts he needs to make for the next corner. It is a nice tool to have and at an affordable price.

If you have any questions or would like to order a Starlane Gear indicator give Jason a call at 888-784-4327 ext 210, or e-mail [email protected]

These gear indicators come in a nice little box.

There are a ton of places to mount the gear indicator, on this particular bike we put it between the windscreen and the gauge cluster for easy view of the shift light and the gear.

The unit itself isn't very large, but the display takes up the whole thing. You can also see the bright blue LED spot.

They also include a piece of quality 3M tape to stick this anywhere on your bike.
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