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Good day.

im new here and have been look in the forum from time to time.
Now i need help and i can see a lot of people have having electrical problems on there 675 ST.

I need help finding out why my #2 fuse keeps blowing.
long story short, i was riding and my bike die. The battery was dead and overheated and boiling.

first thought it was the r/R, when i took the bike apart #2 fuse was also blown, the one for the ignition.
i took out the r/R while waiting on a new one.

When i put key in on position and the kill switch on (no crank position) the bike gets power and all working, but when i put kill switch off, so i can start the bike, fuse #2 gets hot and blows.
so as soon the bike has power and are ready to crank the fuse blows, think its a short some where, have taken apart the kill switch but nothing to see there. hope some of u guys can help out.
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