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Hi Ladies! I wanted to see if any of you were looking for full length boots. I'm considering selling my Sidi B2 Boots to invest in a more protective pair. By all means, these boots are great. I love them - IMO Sidi has the best footwear for riders. However, I'd label these as aggressive street/intro track riding boots. I plan on hitting the track as much as possible next year so considering getting one of the grossly expensive ones haha.

Anyways - wore these for 2 track days only! Bought them brand new. They look brand new too. They retail for $235. They have INCREDIBLE reviews. Riders love them - but they aren't made any more especially in this size 39. I wear a size 7.5-8.5 US Womens depending on type of shoe and brand. They appear to run a tad smaller than A*. Sidi is the only crash tested brand of boots.

PM me if you're interested!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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