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Just seeing if anyone here knows of a good place to buy a SHARK SPEED-R Helmet? I live in the US and so far, they are all sold out in the style and size I want. And most people have no idea when they may get more. All the places I have seen online in the UK have been about 150 bucks more and thats not including shipping which from the UK will be rediculous. Any help would be appreciated.:cool2:
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Loads over here.. Want me to ship u one over ?
As much as I would love to say yes, When I checked on the pricing on some UK websites, they speed R was about 100-150 more and then its was going to be about 75 for shipping lol, so it would cost me almost 600. You can price me though lol and we can see. I really appreciate the offer DODGE!
Which one do u want and wot size ??? As i see there are a few idfferent ones...
Cheapest i could find is £268.79 , then plus the P&P to u..
Yes that be the one DODGE!

Yeah thats 423 bucks not counting the P&P.....Big thanks for checking though DODGE......STG has them for about 350.00, Guess I just gotta wait for them to get more in....
Impatient like me :whistle::whistle:
Glad to help...

Smart looking lid.. The OH has a Shark Carbon lid.. Just wish i could fit a different lid other than Shoei...
i agree dodge im the same way only fit in a shoei
We need new heads !! Just wish i could choose other makes, as Shoei are good, but no massive choice..
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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