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Renthal Road Racing Clip-On Handlebars

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We've been a big believer in Renthal Road Racing Clip-On handlebars ever since they became available in the USA last summer. Just like their excellent motocross handlebars, the alignment marks were a very helpful touch for setting up everything the controls on our bikes. But, when we were installing out first set of 50mm clip-ons, we noticed a little something that was overlooked in their design - the fact that, unless you had a bike with a narrow section around the outer, upper triple clamp, it was difficult to see exactly where the alignment marks were located. While this wasn't a huge issue, it was something we thought should be addressed. So, after a phone call and an email, Renthal reported back to us that they were going to integrate our idea into their next run of Road Racing Clip-Ons. Now that's customer service!

This second generation of Renthal Clip-Ons includes everything that the original version does: precision alignment marks on both the fork tube clamps and handlebars but, when you look closely at the fork tube clamps, an extra chamfer was machined into the upper portion with the alignment marks on it. Now, for those bikes with thicker material on the upper triple clamp surrounding the fork tube, you can have a look at the clip-ons from the side, instead of through the pinch bolt area, to see exactly where your clip-ons on are lined up. This greatly sped-up the alignment process!

Renthal clip-ons are not yet available on our website, and this new design is only available on 50mm kits for the time being. Order a set by calling TJ at 866.931.6644 ext 817 for same day shipping! If you have any questions on specific fitment, please send an email to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with RENTHAL CLIP-ONS in the subject line, along with the model and year of the bike you ride and you can expect a very timely response.

Renthal clip-ons have alignment marks smartly placed for a perfect, repeatable setup. With fork clamps machined from 7075-T6 series aluminum and handlebar tubes made with 7010 aluminum, the clip-ons are strong, lightweight and treated for good looks and corrosion resistance. Pictured below, you can see the original clip-on design without the extra chamfer on the fork tube clamp.

Here's the problem with the first generation design - you could only see the alignment marks through the pinch bolt area on most motorcycles.

The second generation Renthal clip-on fork tube clamp on the left, the first generation on the right. You can easily see the advantage of the new design.

While Renthal clip-ons are available for 48mm, 50mm, 51mm, 52mm and 53mm diameter fork tubes, currently only 50mm kits have the new chamfer machined into the clamp design.

Get these clip-ons by calling TJ at 866-931-6644 ext 817 and be sure to mention you're a Triump forum member. He can tell you exactly what size your bike needs. We always answer our emails - send those to - TJ at ridersdiscount dot com with the subject line 675 CLIP-ONS where you can send us your phone number and TJ will ring you back.

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Yep, even when the bars are flipped you can use the stock mount without having to tap a hole, just use a longer bolt and then a nut on the end of it.
Thanks Knolly!
Please pm price including shipment to Australia, thanks.
Sending PM now
Other than recommended for road racing, is this a mod better suited for tall people? Does it make the rider reach forward more a bit? I'm just assuming from looking at the pictures. I've had full adjustable ones previously on a speed triple and just wondering if any short riders have tried these as well? Thanks!:thumbup:
It doesn't change position dramatically from the stock bars. These are just more adjustable and have replaceable bars (better suited for racing) Check out Helibars if you are riding on the street. They do offer a more comfortable riding position.
Just a quick heads up and a shout out for Rider's Discount and the Renthal clipons.

I had these exact clipons on my daytona when I went down, (low side) at VIR in August. I touched the ground at approx. 90mph! I picked up the bike and raced the next day without any repairs!

I know every crash is different, but the Renthal clipons are some seriously robust pieces! Heck, I'm still riding on the same set and the only damage to them is that the right side bar end is ground down a little funny!

Thanks Rider's Discount!

I took a screenshot of my crash for you to see.


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That definitely looked like a rough one!
Can I get a price shipped for the renthal Kevlar full diamond sportbike medium grips
Ny 11717
Sending PM now
FYI the bolt you need to use the OEM reservoir bracket is M6x1x30. Lowes carry it in silver and black, Home Depot only black (for US folks).

I do though want to know what default settings to start with, whatever mimics the OEM is fine for a baseline.
Default settings for the clip ons tubes? The easiest way to mimic the OEM is to literally lay the Renthal clip on over the top of the OEM clip on.
So keep the stock clip one tightened and remove the top triple and place the Renthal over it?

How do you mark the position? I know the bars have adjustment lines but how do you mark the placement and angle on the forks? A marker?
Use the lines that are lazer etched on the clamp as your index. You can arrange those lines with a reference on the clamp itself.

To be very honest you might be "over" thinking it. Put the clip ons on the forks and make them comfortable. Go for a ride around the block and see what you think.
Got the position right with TJs idea of overlaying the OEMs, next problem to solve is why the reservoir is rubbing against the (OEM) fairing (using same configuration as in the RidersDiscount picture)..
Give it a slight push back and down toward the top triple. The aluminum bracket has quite a bit of "give"

Do these work with the Brembo reservoir on a '12 675R


The OEM reservoir on the stock clip ons would best be mounted to a Woodcraft mounting bracket.

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If I understand what you are saying, the woodcraft piece is another bracket to attach to the fork and the reservoir bolts to it? ( i need to go look at the clip on to see how OEM is working)

Also, no word from shipping today on the boots.

Just received my renthal clip-ons today. Thanks can't wait to install them.
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