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A new bike-only racetrack opened about 80km's from where I live mid-November. I only got chance to check it out on 10 December and man, was it a blast! It is truly an awesome and technical track. Here's a map (with some parts coloured to explain my issues to someone else)

I was feeling pretty nervous as it was a new track, a fairly new bike and I wasn't quite confident on it yet. After the first session all of that went away and I just gelled with the bike. A lot of time is still to be had though, I'd like to shave off about 15 seconds in total over the course of the next few months.

Anyhow, here's some footy of the day (sorry, no forward facing action, didn't even think of it, just wanted to try new and funky mounts)

Redstar Raceway Cockpit Cam on Vimeo

Redstar Raceway Face Cam on Vimeo

(How do I embed Vimeo clips?)
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