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Quickshifter 675 setup

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I have a 2013 Street Triple. I installed a Shifter Control quickshifter from Rdcrazy. All is well under 6000 rpm but if I shift up in the higher regimes the gearchange is not as smooth as it could be. The timing for the quickshifter is set by Triumph as the part on the shift rod is only a switch.My question is if there is a way to change the timing in the CDI box and if so, what thiming works best?
Looking out to read your answers!
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In TuneECU you can change the duration of ignition suppression. FWIW - the 2012 Daytona kill duration was 40 ms (milliseconds) if I remember correctly. You may need a slightly longer (or shorter) duration depending on how decisive your left toes are.
im testing with this at the moment. with tune ecu you can change it in 3 rev ranges.
My quickshifter rod has broken (it’s an OEM from ‘14 Daytona). I removed it and cut the wire. Using now a standard shift rod. Does anyone know if I need to adjust/disable anything in the ECU programming? Bike is a ‘18 street triple 765S. I will no longer use a quickshifter.
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Follow the wire to under the fuel tank and unplug it. That quickshifter is still fixable. Take it to a fabricator and ask them to remove the broken bit of rod. Quickshifters are fun to ride with.
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