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Hello guys
I am a new member and I have a problem i am an owner of daytoona 675R that is a model made in 2012 i think but in fact i had an accident and i did lost the counter , my old one has a blue screen with 18 thousand RPM
it鈥檚 the same in the picture below 馃憞
Speedometer Vehicle Odometer Gauge Motor vehicle

i did search everywhere for a new like my old one but i didn鈥檛 found all the models that i found are like this one
Vehicle Motor vehicle Speedometer Watch Gauge

And this one
Watch Clock Measuring instrument Automotive design Font

My question is, can the bike start with this two 馃憜馃徎that i found or i should definitely find the original one that came with her and if she can start with one of them please let me know

the daytoona owner
Thank you

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