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Problem Filled Thruxton for Interserve Racing.
Due to the heavy snow at Brands hatch just two weeks ago Thruxton will give the first opportunity for Ross Walter to square up to the competition on his Triumph Daytona 675. All at Interserve racing were keen to show how far they have come in the off season, especially at this their home circuit with a large crowd of on looking locals.

Friday began well with the sun shining, but cloud began to gather as The first session began. Ross steadily got faster as the session went on getting used to the circuit conditions On lap 23 of his 25lap run he hit his personal best time 1:22.238, placing him a respectable 29th overall in the supersport competition and fourth in the cup championship.

As the day went on the weather remained dull yet dry. The low track temperate helped increase tyre life on the extremely abrasive Thruston surface. Session two saw Ross build on his earlier improvements, with a longer 26 lap stint. On lap 18 he set a new personal best lap time with 1.20.271 placing him a fantastic second in the cup and a respectable 22nd overall!

Saturday greeted everyone in the paddock with strong winds and driving rain. With no sign of the weather improving 47 riders set out for the first supersport qualifying session. The huge amount of surface water resulted in a dense spray flowing every rider reducing the already poor visibility. Ross struggled all session long with a misting visor hampering his progress further. Despite this he found the Thruxton circuit gave just as much grip in the wet as dry, allowing him to push his time lower and lower hitting 1m26.1s placing him 30th on the gird. Ross was sure he could get more from the bike even in the appalling conditions.

For the beginning of the afternoon session the rain had slowed but the track remained wet with standing water coving most of the lap. Ross decided to take a risk and instead of having a second wet tyre on standby he chose to have an intermediate tyre on his spare rear wheel. After just eight laps the second red flag was caused buy a heavy crash at the back of the circuit. Ross decided the track was drying enough to use the intermediate tyre to try and gain all the advantage possible from the dry line.

When the team went to restart the bike following the wheel change the starter motor span but did not engage the engine. In a desperate attempt to get back on circuit before the rain started again they pushed the bike the length of the pit lane attempting to bump start the bike, but unfortunately the slipper clutch didn't pass enough energy to the engine to allow it to start.

As the track dried further Ross could only watch as he dropped place by place down the timing sheet. His morning time would determine his place on the grid as he had not been able to improve in his shortened second session. This time would put his triumph 41st of a 40 man grid.

This problem was quickly traced to the bolts that connect the starter gear to the engine. Once the bolts were replaced the engine turned, and started instantly. As the team steeled in for the night there was still a slim chance he would be able to make the gird, only one no-show for the warm up sessions would see Ross line up at the back of the gird, and with so many damaged bikes from the afternoon this was a distinct possibility.
A nervous quite fell over the camp early Sunday morning as Ross took the long walk to race control to discover if he had made it to the gird. One rider from an incident on Saturday would not be making the grid, allowing Ross to take the last grid spot.

As Ross changed for the morning practice the team went to walm the bike. Pressing the starter re-played the problem of the day before with the engine not turning. Quick work from everyone involved replaced all the components associated with the starter gear and alternator solved the problem, but they ten minutes too late for the session so Ross would have to race with no time to test the bike.

As he lines up at the back of the grid, it was all to play for over the next 18 laps. Ross launched off the line in impressive fashion. Forcing his way forwards making up a spectacular 6 places on the first lap, continuing to push making up place by place until he sat behind fellow triumph rider James Dye. Dye was visually holding Ross up but Ross just could not find a way past, loosing ground on the group ahead on every lap. An incident approaching the chicane brought the safety car out bunching the whole field up.

As the lights went out on the car to signaling the race re-start those further back were caught out as the pack picked up speed. Ross Got the better of Dye on the re-start and pushed past Chisnall and Thomas over the remaining laps. Chasing the group ahead Ross began taking a second a lap from them, but unfortunately ran out of track time while still ten seconds behind. He finished in 26th over all 6th in the cup competition in s strange re-play of the result from Thruxton twelve months ago.

Despite finishing 14 places higher than his grid position everyone at Interserve racing was disappointed they couldn't capitalise on the promising performance shown early in the weekend.

Ross Walter will next be in action at Oulton Park in Chesshire, bank holiday weekend, 3-5th May.

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Oh man.... sorry you guys had such a tough time this round. Be sure to give the gremlins the boot before the next round :nod: Keep your heads up. Lots more racing to come this year!!

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It was a testing round with out a doubt.
What was positive was to see Alistair getting a podium on the 675 encouraging for all the privateers, a great result.
The latest engine despite the starter failure seems to be very strong at last after 2 + years of personal development we seem to have a competetive bike for BSB supersport cup.
Roll on Oulton Park.:cool2:
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