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Hey, is PowerTripp a paying vendor? Seems like a nice guy but I think he pushes his bounds here and there.

This thread made me think of it again, although he mentions it is a friend.. he uses the word "we" a couple times. I dont know.. thoughts?

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Looks like Al is vouching for the guy making the parts...

We've not held the same line on advertising on this site that we do on and I've pretty much just grown accustomed to ignoring these kinds of posts on this site.

I can definitely tell you that something like this would get nuked over there but that doesn't seem to be a vertical scope decision as much as it is a leftover methodology from the previous owner that the moderating team on that site still support and defend.

The rules get set by the mods and admins who have been working on that site for years. Vertical Scope really has nothing to say about how we run it, they just really provide the background support.
I don't really care either way, but on the other site we don't allow non-sponsor advertising and we don't allow corporate links in signature lines. It was that way long before Vertical Scope bought the site, and remains that way today.

The other thing to consider is that if someone comes in here selling their stuff, there is an implied level of consent on the part of the siet and if said member starts screwing over members here, there is somewhat of an expectation that the moderators and admins on the site do something to mediate the situation or help recover the losses since the transactions occurred through the site.

That's the reason for the strick position held on the other site. Paying vendors have proven themselves to be a worthwhile company (In most cases) and have a business reputation to uphold. We have an advertising contract with them and solid information on who runs the company and who the contacts are.

Little guys coming in here have none of those things and left unmonitored can create some pretty ugly situations, need I remind you all about all the shit that grasshopper caused?

Anyway, I'm fine enforcing whatever the admins decide, I just want to bring up these points for consideration...
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My personal opinion is that left as it is, unchecked and unmonitored, it is only a matter of time before it creates a problem with paying sponsors saying, "Why the hell do I pay to support the site when other vendors come in here for free and undercut my prices?"

It's like supporting your local dealership vs. buying shit online. People who order stuff online and complain about the prices at the local dealership are the first to bitch about local dealerships closing down and the fact that they have to drive several hundred miles to find the nearest dealership.

I think it's time to tighten it up...

1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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