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Hey, is PowerTripp a paying vendor? Seems like a nice guy but I think he pushes his bounds here and there.

This thread made me think of it again, although he mentions it is a friend.. he uses the word "we" a couple times. I dont know.. thoughts?

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Im siding with the vendors on this one. They pay their dues afterall.
A great looking products for our bikes are hard to come by. If nobody's complaining then I would let it be. It will go away in a short time anyway.
(a vendor PM'd me to complain about Powertripp just a few days ago, which is why I ended up making a thread about it).

I left that part out, rather the vendor remain anonymous.
Lol, fair enough Burke. RidersDiscount sent me a PM and specified a thread that Powertripp posted on.

And I do agree. I think the signature links should be allowed, but posting about your company should be prohibited unless you are paying for it.
And what about this blatant advertising.

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This guy is out of control.
In his defense, he does ask me before posting every group buy. I assumed there was already an agreement struck a long time ago with him. Perhaps I am wrong in my assumption. :laugh:
I don't know.. I think the mess we have now is almost perfect!

(kidding) :biggrinjester:
Well with this recent PM from Adam about SiW's request for Group buys, I am afraid this thread has to be bumped again.

Originally Posted by SiW
Hi Adam,

Read your rules on the group buy and I'd like to start offering GBs.
We do lots of accessoroes I could offer from month to month and we do probably the best quality carbon fibre all made in the UK.

So how do I get approval?

Kind regards

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Well this obviously stands unresolved, since I still am getting complaints about non paying vendors promoting themselves on the forum.

This should not be up to the moderators or the admins. This should be up to the site owners. If they want vendors to be happy and pay them to promote on the site, then THEY should define to rules for doing so. Why is it up to us, (the people that do this as a hobby) to make these kind of rules?

Sure, we (mods/admins) can create rules depending on the situations.. but for something like this it is out of our hands.

If they want to leave it the way it is, and lose vendors, then thats their own fault. So let us know what the ruling is, and we will gladly enforce it.
So that means that no one can do a group buy, unless they've paid to be a vendor, and we should categorically deny all user requests to hold one (like the one in our collective inbox)?
+1.. ?
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