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Hey, is PowerTripp a paying vendor? Seems like a nice guy but I think he pushes his bounds here and there.

This thread made me think of it again, although he mentions it is a friend.. he uses the word "we" a couple times. I dont know.. thoughts?

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Hey guys,

Yung here. Hope you guys don't mind me chiming in.

Here's my two cents.

- we definitely do not want to pee-off the paying vendors.

- if the culture of this community is to allow things like this, perhaps it's time to curtail it; personally, on most of the sites I watch over, the community does not allow for this type of advertising and/or for non-paying vendors to display links to businesses in their siggies. Again, that is something we should discuss.

- Subforums cannot be created for vendors unless it's done by the sales team because vendors pay for this extra "perk" so to speak.

I was going to write a PM to the user PowerTripp but I will hold off until I hear a little more from you guys! Thanks folks.

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Ok so I think we need to establish some kind of consensus here on what can and cannot be allowed so that we're all on the same page. Yah? :)
I'll give everyone til the weekend to chime in and then on Monday, we'll start a seperate thread to discuss what the new guidelines should incorporate (provided we are in agreement that it is needed).
The hard rule is that non-vendors are not allowed to advertise. This goes for group-buys, shop closeouts, etc.
No, what I mean is that members who we've established to have businesses cannot start a group buy that benefits them financially - like PowerTripp.

Individuals are welcome to start GB threads.
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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