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Hey, is PowerTripp a paying vendor? Seems like a nice guy but I think he pushes his bounds here and there.

This thread made me think of it again, although he mentions it is a friend.. he uses the word "we" a couple times. I dont know.. thoughts?

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funny but i was going to ask stew and yung that same thing.

Great point..

What do we want to do? Create a rule from here on out that we do nuke these things? It's always great to see new products for the 675's but at the expense of advertisers who keep this place running?
well in the case of Si, it sounds like he is a retailer.

GBs are supposed to be the occasional lets all get together and buy something. Not a once a month thing from the retailer, thats what ridersdiscount and sportbiketrackgear are here for.

plus we are supposed to let sponsors match the price for a group buy
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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