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Performed valve adjustment - unknown spring

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Hello all!

First of all, I wanna thank y'all for all the information and knowledge you guys have provided on this forum. I was able to utilize it all to execute my first ever valve adjustment on my
2016 D675.

The majority of the process has been a success so far. My intake valves were still within spec on the looser side. While my exhaust valves were all out of spec on the tighter side by ~.02mm. After re-shimming, my exhaust valves are now in spec on the looser end, around .355-.375mm. All timing marks lined up nicely once the cam ladder was put back in and after some turns of the crankshaft.

In the process of putting my cam cover back, I noticed a tiny spring sitting in the crevice of my throttle body (exact location pictured). I have no idea where it came from. I was super happy that a major job was about to go without any hiccups but then this pops up. I tried retracing my steps to see where it could've came loose from but I am completely stumped.

The spring is dry. No signs of oil. I'm thinking it must've been from the throttle body unit but I'm not sure where since I didn't remove the throttle body for this procedure. I only removed the bracket that holds the throttle cables.

Any idea where this could've came from?

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Found the culprit!! It's the spring from my needle nose plier.

I went thru the FSM's exploded view of the parts I worked on and saw no such spring in the diagrams. Went thru all the tools used and lo and behold, my needle nose plier didn't spring open. Fortunate that it landed somewhere in plain view.
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