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Ottawa area rats?

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Hi folks,

Anybody in the Ottawa area? I'm getting back into riding after a 6 years hiatus, getting my old 675 up to snuff after all that time in storage. Would be nice to meet up with fellow Triumph riders sometime, so shout out if you're close by.

Would also be nice to borrow a tuneEcu cable :grin: Ordered mine from eBay, but shipping is 20-40 bdays...

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Yay, there are living souls here after all :)

Would be great to meet you. Do you have a regular hangout somewhere? If not, how joining the M&E crowd one of these Thursdays? Yes, I found already :)

BTW, was it one of you dropping by the OSF safety course this Sunday? It was in Kanata, at the Alcatel parking lot. At some point I heard a familiar tripple whistle and saw a sky-blue bike coming in the adjacent parking lot. Couldn't see which kind though.

PS: No worries about the cable. I thought I'd need it to fix my jerky throttle, but it seems to have loosened up after a bit of riding. I can wait for mine to come in the mail now.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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