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Ohlins Recall now includes OEM shock!!!

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Triumph estimates nearly 50% of all their bikes with Ohlins will be affected and they are sending out notifications to registered owners. They are asking that you go to this Ohlins site though to check prior to scheduling a service appointment.

If there is a stamped asterisk '*' after the batch number than Ohlins has already repaired the shock.

Models Affected

Daytona 675R ABS From 642869 To 703908 All except Brazil
Speed Triple R ABS and Speed Triple R 94 From 656713 To 715630 All except Brazil

Triumph is saying that if your shock is affected by this recall to not ride it and they are covering the cost to have the dealer pick up or tow it to the dealership.
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Sorry I didn't include the vin range originally.

Triumph has pictures of the location in the service bulletin and it's in the same location as pictured in the Ohlins linked page. Maybe yours isn't in the vin range?
That's BS.

This is at the bottom of page 3 of Service Bulletin 524

Other Instructions
Owners are advised not to ride their motorcycles until the Safety Recall Action has been performed. You may therefore be requested by customers to make collection and delivery arrangements. Costs incurred should be added to the New (warranty) Prior record under an AP1 code.
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You can't. It's a dealer document and not for public distribution.

Call Triumph America if they aren't willing to provide the tow. Also if you are paying payments on the bike check your local lemon laws. Some state laws require reimbursement of payments if the downtime is over a certain amount of time.
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