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Ohlins Recall now includes OEM shock!!!

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Triumph estimates nearly 50% of all their bikes with Ohlins will be affected and they are sending out notifications to registered owners. They are asking that you go to this Ohlins site though to check prior to scheduling a service appointment.

If there is a stamped asterisk '*' after the batch number than Ohlins has already repaired the shock.

Models Affected

Daytona 675R ABS From 642869 To 703908 All except Brazil
Speed Triple R ABS and Speed Triple R 94 From 656713 To 715630 All except Brazil

Triumph is saying that if your shock is affected by this recall to not ride it and they are covering the cost to have the dealer pick up or tow it to the dealership.
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What is the actual defect? Their bulletin is vague.
Hoping I don't have to worry about this, going to go home and check over lunch. The dealer network here is few and far between.

dang, is anyone able to read their number? it is too small and too far back there to get a good enough angle on the numbers to be able to read them correctly. also my numbers are not stamped where the link says they are, mine are between the adjustment knobs and the top hat area.
Do you have a cell phone you can put in there and take a photo?
Looks like I need the service. Small_zpsvzbby01v.jpg

It really is difficult to see that number. I put my shop light on it and zoomed in with my DSLR camera and focused.

Contacted the dealer and they were about to call me they said. I'm the only one they've sold a bike to that's affected by it, apparently. Parts are being ordered and they expect them in on Tues. Just need to figure out how to get the bike there (1.5hrs away) or force them (they're suppose to anyway) to pick it up.

Good luck, guys!
Had mine done this weekend. They did it in 2 hours and all seems well. Suspension feels different, so I need to check what the OEM settings are suppose to be or finally dial in the static sag I've been putting off. Either way, something feels different before and after in turning.

Edit: Suspension settings were fine and we're set to factory defaults. They had changed my tire pressures.
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