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Greetings everyone. My apologies for not getting on this sooner. This year we will be hosting our own track day. This will be a two day event held at NJMP. We will be doing both Lightning and Thunderbolt. John and I are trying to add some extras into the event, and we will keep you updated as time goes on.

WHEN: June 30 & July 1

WHERE: NJMP (Millville, NJ)

TRACKS: Lightning (June 30) AND Thunderbolt (July 1)

PRICE: $375 for both days

WE NEED TO PAY NJMP ASAP!!!! Therefore, the minimum payment until the end of the month is $100. Starting May 1st, you must pay in full. For those who have already sent me deposits for NYST and are going to attend this event, your deposit will be applied to this event. Final payment MUST be made no later than May 30th as I will need to pay NJMP on June 1st. We need at least 50 people to attend this event, so let's make this happen. Please send your payments via Paypal to [email protected] (please be sure to include the extra 3% for the paypal fees).

As always, priority is given to Forum Members. However, all are welcome and I encourage you to invite your friends (as long as you can vouch for their conduct and ability).

We will run in a three group format; Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. Please indicate what track experience you have had, and what group you are running in if you are a member of a track day organization in the comments section of your payment. If the Coaches see that you should be bumped up for the day, they will let you know and you will ride with the more advanced guys and gals. However, they will also bump you down if they feel that you're riding over your head. This is to make our day safer and more fun for everyone.

Lunch will be from 12:30 to 13:30. The track will then go green from 13:30 until 1730.

Tech Requirements are as follows:

- All lights (head lights, turn signals, etc) bust be properly taped.
- All fairings and race plastics must be properly secured.
- Remove your mirrors and license plate. Zip tie your mirror holes to the upper fairing stay.
- All fluids (oil, brake fluids, etc.) should be properly filled with their respective caps properly secured.
- It is NOT mandatory, but advised for Intermediate and Advance riders to safety wire their oil cap, oil filter, drain plugs, etc.
- Tires should at least have ¾ tread left. DO NOT SHOW UP WITH WORN TIRES (chords showing, etc.) or you will fail tech. Tires will
be made available trackside at a discounted price.
- Check your chain slack. You will want to have at least 1 ½ inches of slack.
- Make sure that there is plenty of brake pad left.
- Check your throttle and adjust for minimum slack.
- Check your levers for slack and tension.
- It is NOT mandatory, but you may want to disconnect your lights so the tape doesn't melt to the lenses.
- A sticker with your name and shift pattern MUST be placed on your tank.
- A med-data (provided at tech) slip MUST be located on the lower left hand side of your helmet.
- All riders must wear a late model full face helmet, 1 or 2 piece leather suit, back protector, gauntlet gloves and proper boots which
extend over your shin.
- All 2 piece leather suites MUST have full circumference zippers.
- Any onboard cameras MUST be permanently secured to the bike BEFORE going through tech. Anyone caught mounting a camera
AFTER tech will be forced to sit out the rest of the day.

This year, Heroic Racing has accepted our invitation and will provide leather rentals. Each rental will be a brand new suit and brand new set of gloves. The cost is $180. You will have to have your own back protector and boots. If you plan on renting from Todd, you must do so ASAP so he can make sure that he will have everything in order prior to our event. Additionally, Todd has offered us discount pricing on patches. We are getting custom "" patches made and will be offered at a discounted rate. Todd and his crew will be trackside so you can have them sewn on trackside (or you can send your suit in). We are currently working on a rendering of how they will look and I will post pictures up as soon as I get them. Lastly, Todd has also offered his "Racers Package" at a discounted rate. The package includes your name on your collar, Race Number on the hump, and your Name on the butt. The cost for the package is $200 or ale cart at $30, $50 and $150 respectively. If you are interested in the suit rentals or patches, please PM or email me for further details on how to order.

Please don't hesitate to ask me or any other track vet for help with properly prepping your bike. If you fail tech, you will have the chance to make the appropriate changes and go through again. If you cannot pass tech, you will be forced to sit out without a refund. If you crash, you will have to re-tech before going back out on the track.

There will also be a couple of videographers riding in every group. Therefore there will be plenty of footage of EVERYONE so there can be no bullshitting about laptimes or abilities LOL. Additionally, Ray from SBImage will be there to photograph all of our shenanigans.

For those wanting to arrive the night before, camping is allowed. Additionally there are VIP suites at NJMP at a very reasonable rate. I have personally stayed in them, and they are quite comfortable. You can see them at There are other local accommodations, but staying with people at the track is a lot more fun! I will be there the night before helping people prep their bikes and telling a whole bunch of lies!

Lastly, I don't make a dime off of doing this, nor do I expect to. Like the past year's track days that I have organized, all I want is for all of us to have a crap load of fun on our bikes without getting hurt. A huge part of that, is riding with friends. I truly hope you guys take advantage of this opportunity. For those who haven't done a trackday, DO NOT HESITATE to jump on this. This is not a race. There are no podiums, trophies handed out or contingency monies won. You will not be judged on your speed, technique or skill. You will only be judged if you act and ride like an idiot. The true purpose of this event is to draw us all together and have some great laughs and develop good friendships. The riding is really the icing on the cake. Please feel free to bring your girlfriends, wives, boyfriends, husbands, kids, dogs, fish or Grandparents. This is a Forum community event, and the more the merrier!

I really look forward to seeing familiar faces, along with making new friends. If anyone feels that I have left something out, please feel free to add to the thread. Additionally, if anyone has any questions, please PM me or John or Pete, or you can reach me at (813) 476-9663 or via email at [email protected].

I Look forward to spending good times at the track with you all!


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Announcement, if you have NOT paid yet.. Please pay me (John Stuart) at the track, in CASH! If you want to send in funds before hand, I need them tonight..

Paypal is - [email protected]

Unfortunately we have not met our required amount, which means Tom and I will be paying several thousand out of pocket. So please take that into consideration, if you can find some local company support to help sponsor/donate to this track day it would be much appreciated. Bridgewater Acura has donated quite a lot of money to this event which has helped a great deal, but it still leaves us paying a large portion of the total ( about 1/5)

Please contact me for any questions/concerns about the above information, PM me if you want my cell #.

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Alright everyone, lets get this thing rolling ASAP or it just isn't gonna happen!

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Awesome. Def getting in on this. I need a suit rental but 180 is a bit steep. I recall them being $75-$100 at the last event. Is it possible to rent a suit from TPM or another supplier?

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As of now, Heroic is the only suit rental vendor we have. If something else come up, I will let you know.

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I just wanna know why no one remembers when I pay anything??? :whistle:

oh haiii guys, its been a while. Miss me?:grouphug:

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Highly encourage anyone to come to these days. They are always the highlight of my year. It's awesome to see people come out, have fun and immediately eclipse my speed as they progress. It's a fantastic way to try or get to the track.

If you don't have gear, get it now or rent it. Check the classifieds here, on NESBA - or whatever it is now - and WERA, some great deals there currently.

Tom, let me know how I can help.

(And I'm on a Yamaha now... I'll put Triumph stickers on it, and hide it in a corner.)

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i just relized my Shoei GT Air is not snell certified. Is this a problem for this track? I would hate to have to buy another helmet. Thanks in advance.

Also is it possible to just do one day?

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i just relized my Shoei GT Air is not snell certified. Is this a problem for this track? I would hate to have to buy another helmet. Thanks in advance.

Also is it possible to just do one day?
I heard the reason why that helmet among others arent snell due to the drop down visor. Im sure all other aspects of the helmet meet that criteria. Its up to the powers that be tho...

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