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I have an 06 daytona that has been my baby for a while. Recently I painted all new plastics ect including tank and put everything back together and she fired up no issues. Bike sat for a while but on a tender, recently I went to start the bike as I normally do and nothing…. No clocks….no fuel pump priming, the bike seemed dead I was so confused.
Battery is okay
Checked the fuses - all okay
Checked the relays - all okay (starter and two others - I have loads exxtra so just swapped them out)

the clock backlight comes on but no actual screen, the needles don’t cycle, and horn ect doesn’t work. The blue indicator light for high beam does work when triggered so I know somethings flowing….

worried my ECU has decided enough is enough…. But I have the fuel pump relay installed?

many advice would be appreciated!
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