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Just purchased a 2015 Street Triple R ABS. First time straying from BMW bikes in many years...but I did my first long ride (aside from my test ride) Sunday, and ridden to and from work Monday and Tuesday, and I am loving it so far. Having said that I have some questions:

First, I need some heated grips in anticipation of the winter ride, since I usually ride year round barring snow. I checked my VIN on triumph's website and there arent any factory options available. Later 2015 VINs do have a factory option that seems very simple to install. Are there any other options out there? If I replace my handlebars with the pre-drilled versions found on later 2015s (and on all 2016s) could I still install the Triumph grips?

Second, it came with bar end mirrors, which quite frankly I hate. Would like to put the factory mirrors back on. The seller gave me a box with factory parts in it which included mirrors, but they require a separate bolt. When I check the triumph parts fiche it doesn't show a bolt of any kind. Anyone know what bolts I need?

Third, as much as I love naked bikes, I'm wondering if there's any type of medium height windscreen that provides a bit of protection anyone can recommend? Mine came with a Triumph fly screen but its mostly aesthetic rather than practical. Any recommendations?

Fourth and finally, I was originally going to add a Givi luggage mount but found it wont work with the tail tidy already installed. Was going to revert it back but don't have everything I need. Now I am more interested in a top case only, but I cant seem to find any top case mounts that don't require drilling, and I am not interested in drilling my bike at all. Any options?
Did you figure out the mirror bolts? Puig makes a small windscreen. I use soft saddlebags and a tank bag, works great. Oxford heated grips are the ones I know of.
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