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Just bought a 2010 Jet Black Striple in Iowa. Looking forward to riding on this awesome machine!~! Hopefully R.A.T. has a good presence around here. :)

I graduated up from a 1985 GS550E, which I rode for 3 years after not riding for over 20 years. I also had a 1983 GS550ES back in the mid-80's, but cracked that up 20 minutes after I made my last payment.... :( That bike was my first love, but now I think I've definitely replaced that wit this Striple. I know the roads are pretty much flat around here, but I plan making some trips to some twisties in the future. I took my ES to Vermont one year. That was FUN!~!

It's not really warm enough to ride here, but will be soon!~! :)

Here's my new ride...

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