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New Moderators

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Guys, I think it's time someone picks out new moderators from the ever growing forum population. I'm not volunteering to do it by any means, I just figured I'd suggest it since it seems like there aren't many of the old OG mods hanging around anymore. I myself honestly don't have the love for this forum that I used to.

So there, it's been said... It's up to whoever maintains this site to make the decision:thumbup:
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I don't see why not.

Hi Budo!!
Haha, suuuup. +1 for MacBandit, and +1 for an open thread if needed.
(and yes, i know that isn't really a chainsaw. ;)
Congrats on your Speedie. I got eye surgery a few months ago, made riding a whole lot more comfortable and safer. Who'd have thought 2 eyes looking in the same direction could help so much!?! ;)
Anyways, since then I've grown even fonder of my Speedie, I enjoy a spin on Kat's 675 now and then but riding the torque wave of the big 1050 is so much fun. :D
My 675 goes on consignment probably this Saturday. Anyone want a Jardine pipe? Or a 675? :)
Congrats to you also Jeff on a sweet new ride.
Chippp!! You selling the 675? Tsk tsk. Where is she at? Eurosport?
That sucks.. both of you. :laugh: Whats the price on your 675 Chip?
7k :laugh:

I noticed you kept updating the thread, silly people.
So I spoke to Brandon the other day (Brancart) and he said that he wouldn't mind jumping in and lending a hand as a moderator either. He's a level headed guy and a pretty good friend of mine now so he's got my vote ;)
Works for me.
I like it, but you should also mention they must frequent the site often.
Updated it... :)
Damn, you made out pretty well then. Sorry to see it go though.. Your bike was sharp.
1 - 10 of 38 Posts
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