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New Moderators

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Guys, I think it's time someone picks out new moderators from the ever growing forum population. I'm not volunteering to do it by any means, I just figured I'd suggest it since it seems like there aren't many of the old OG mods hanging around anymore. I myself honestly don't have the love for this forum that I used to.

So there, it's been said... It's up to whoever maintains this site to make the decision:thumbup:
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Why not?

Of course, the question is... who? I really don't know who is who on the site anymore.
I don't know anyone here but you guys and gals...

The 675 is getting shipped to Florida on Monday to a new home and I will most likely not come here at all after that...

Replacing the 675 with a Husqvarna TE 310 and will be spending my time in the woods, not on the racetrack...

So, I don't really have a dog in this fight...
Replacing your bike with a chainsaw?! That's just sad. We don't have a lumberjack smiley, so I guess the Canadian one is the next closest thing: :canadian:

(and yes, i know that isn't really a chainsaw. ;)
I like it, but you should also mention they must frequent the site often.
Uh oh... :indeed: If that's a requirement, I may need to be fired... :grin:

And, uh... that post sounds fine. We'll need to enlist either Heath or the verticalscope people to actually promote folks, though... unless you actually got your admin powers, Jousty? I'm pretty sure I never got mine.
It's all good, life and people change and I just gravitated away from the track game. :thumbup:
I can totally empathize.

Since buying the house in 12/09, the 'tona has seen maybe 3 track days - two with me on it, and one w/ the boyfriend. All three bikes got stuffed in the shed and forgotten about for about 1.5 years. No Stabil, half-full tanks... The boyfriend is slowly resurrecting them so he can ride them. He got the Sprint running, but the 'tona is being problematic.

And I... just kinda don't care. Got other stuff going on. Eventually other stuff'll go away, I hope, and bikes will be of interest again.
1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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