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New Moderators

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Guys, I think it's time someone picks out new moderators from the ever growing forum population. I'm not volunteering to do it by any means, I just figured I'd suggest it since it seems like there aren't many of the old OG mods hanging around anymore. I myself honestly don't have the love for this forum that I used to.

So there, it's been said... It's up to whoever maintains this site to make the decision:thumbup:
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Did verticalscope fail in their jobs again? to get admin working for john and sha?
God they suck at doing IT work, its a damn good thing they don't work for me or I would fire the whole damn crew.
I can write programs that can probably replace their dumb asses!

Anyway just let me know who to promote and I will give it a shot...
I wasn't aware that being psychic was part of my job.

Neither John or Sha have contacted me via PMs or emails in regards to having issues with their administrative powers.

Secondly, I'm not here to do IT work. We have a separate department for that. If there's a problem on the forum, someone should report it to me, and then I in turn report it to them.

John, Sha, you should be able to access admin settings for threads, users, and user permissions now, which is something Heath could have done for you as well...
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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