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New Moderators

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Guys, I think it's time someone picks out new moderators from the ever growing forum population. I'm not volunteering to do it by any means, I just figured I'd suggest it since it seems like there aren't many of the old OG mods hanging around anymore. I myself honestly don't have the love for this forum that I used to.

So there, it's been said... It's up to whoever maintains this site to make the decision:thumbup:
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Did verticalscope fail in their jobs again? to get admin working for john and sha?
God they suck at doing IT work, its a damn good thing they don't work for me or I would fire the whole damn crew.
I can write programs that can probably replace their dumb asses!

Anyway just let me know who to promote and I will give it a shot...
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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